Will Mel Gibson Spoil Baby Lucia?


edgedarknesslosangelespremieremelgibsonIn his earlier years as a parent, Mel Gibson could have been accurately referred to as a disciplinarian, but over time he’s become a big ol’ softy.

Sure, it’s an old cliché that the oldest child has the most rules and the youngest gets all the benefits the older siblings fought hard for, but according to Mel the stereotype is completely true.

Says Mel: “I’m the strict kind,” he said. “Throughout the years you become softer though. My younger children benefit from that. The more experienced you become as a father, the more relaxed you are with your children until you’re just spoiling them!”

I wonder if there’s been any correlation between Mel’s style of discipline and the way his kids have turned out? If Mel doesn’t watch out, his daughter Lucia is going to eat him alive. You know that Oksana’s daughter will inherit her mother’s charms.

As for how Mel was raised, here’s what the Edge of Darkness star had to say:

“My dad was a great person. He was very intelligent, skipped two years in school. The way he raised me was loving and rational. When you got into trouble, he gave you several warnings. If you ignored them you would get disciplined, but you knew you deserved it.”