Will Ophiuchus Horoscope Improve Taylor Swift's Love Life?

taylor swift ophiuchus horoscope
Taylor Swift Has New Ophiuchus Horoscope

Poor Taylor Swift definitely hasn’t been lucky in love the past couple of years. From Joe Jonas dumping her over the phone, to her pining for her ex, Taylor Lautner, to being recently rejected by Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift could use a break!

Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities affected by the new astrological signs 2011, as she now falls under the Ophiuchus horocsope. Taylor’s birthday is December 13th, and she was a Sagittarius before the big Zodiac change.

Ophiuchus traits, characteristics, and personality are different from Sagittarius. With the new horoscope, will Taylor Swift’s love life improve? Some Ophiuchus traits include being an interpreter of dreams who attracts good and fruitful blessings. Will Taylor attract a man who will treat her right? Ophiuchus characteristics also say she has foresight and fortune to benefit from hard times. Does this mean that Taylor is strong enough to get over her break ups and move on?

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