Will Real Housewives Of New Jersey Be Dull Without Danielle Staub?


Danielle Staub

According to new reports, Danielle Staub really isn’t returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. One of those all knowing “insiders” said that Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo all received letters from Bravo asking them to return to the show. The one person who didn’t? Danielle Staub.

But without Danielle, whether you love or hate her, will make for less dramatic viewing for sure.  The Real Housewives franchises thrive on conflict. Bethenny vs. Kelley. Bethenny vs. Jill. Tamra vs. Getchen. NeNe vs. Kim and Michaela vs. Everyone! Will there be enough tension between the current New Jersey housewives with out adding in a new drama queen to the mix?

The three remaining ladies Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline all seem to get along swimmingly. Caroline and Jacqueline are sisters in law and Teresa is considered to be like family. There is talk that they may bring Dina Manzo back in the mix but she’s related to Jacqueline and Caroline and is the godmother to Teresa’s youngest. Without a ‘big bad’ what would the show be about? The ladies shopping, making gravy and talking about how much they don’t miss Danielle?

If you thinking that one of the Kims –  Kim G or Kim D, think again. Supposedly they didn’t get ‘ a letter’ either. And their ‘auditions’ from last season didn’t really wow any viewers.

Would you watch Real Housewives without Danielle?

Photo: PR Photos