Will Sandra Bullock Try to Get Custody of Sunny?


There doesn’t look like there’s much hope for Sandra Bullock and her philandering husband Jesse James’ marriage. Word is floating around that Sandra and Jesse are already lining up powerhouse laywers to start working on divorce proceedings. And apparently Sandra wants more than a divorce, she wants Jesse’s daughter Sunny… talked to a source that has said:

[Sandra] is going to go ahead and file for divorce and she is also wanting to get custody of Mr. James’ young daughter. Her lawyers are telling her that there is a possibility that she could custody since the child’s mother is unfit and Jesse is an adulterer. She wants that little girl and is ready to fight to get her.”

The six-year-old’s mother, an ex-adult performer, was recently released from jail for tax evasion.  Jesse got sole custody of Sunny and in court said, “Good cause exists for the court to conduct a review to determine if (Sunny) will be safe with (Lindemulder). She should be restrained from allowing the child around pornographers, drug addicts, guns and firearms, felons and other unsafe environments.”

Sandra was very supportive of Jesse’s fight to raise Sunny and has quite a bond with the little girl.

Do you think there is any way a court would consider giving custody to Sandra?