Will Smith's Next Big Role: President of the United States?


images1It’s pretty public knowledge that Will Smith is chummy with President Obama. But does he want his job? Maybe…

In an interview with Germany’s Bunte magazine, Will’s lovely wife Jada revealed that yes, her hubby has considered venturing into politics.

“Will is thinking about going into politics. He once said he could imagine becoming a U.S president,” said Jada. “He wasn’t joking, he was quite serious about it.”

Mr. and Mrs. Smith certainly do their civic duty, but Mr & Mrs Smith going to Washington? This came as a surprise to me, but apparently not to everyone. Rumors began to swirl about Will eyeing the White House following an interview he did in The Mail in 2007.willsmith_468x621

“I always wanted to be the first black president but Barack Obama stole my idea,” said Smith as Obama was running for office. “That’s OK with me. Barack can go first and then I’ll take my turn.”

He also went on to reveal that he had decided which social issues he would address if he came to power. He said:

“Once I’m in, I’ll start changing a few things that urgently need changing… I’d start with universal healthcare and shelter.”

Hopefully, by the time he makes a run (if he makes a run…) for the biggest role of his lifetime, candidate Smith won’t have these same daunting issues to tackle!

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