Will Teresa Giudice Be Replaced On 'RHONJ'?

teresa giudice
Are Teresa Giudice's Days on RHONJ numbered?

Are Teresa Giudice’s days on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ numbered? According to, the reality star is thisclose to losing her role on the hit Bravo show because the network is getting fed up with her holding up her contract negotiations while she holds out for more money!

TMZ is reporting that the Giudice wants double her salary from last year and she thinks that all the other housewives are making more than she is! She’s threatening to leave the show if Bravo doesn’t pay up. And apparently, Bravo is prepared for that and is looking at possible replacements.

So can someone who is in such dire financial straits afford the possibility of being kicked off the show over a money dispute? I mean, shouldn’t she compromise with the network and get back to work? Because after all, some money is better than no money, especially when you’ve declared bankruptcy!
Would you care if Teresa was gone from the show? I personally think there would be no difference with or without her I’m sure the network would be able to find a replacement and in no time no one would remember who she was! What do you think?

Photo by PCN