Will the Beckhams Buy George Clooney's Lake Como Villa?


beckhambuyvillaWill the Beckham clan be spending even more time in the lap of luxury? And this time will they do it in Italian style? It’s been rumored that David Beckham has made a $40 million offer for George Clooney‘s Lake Como Villa. Why would Beckham spend so much for another home for his family?

A source told the Daily Mail that Beckham has “fallen in love with the beautiful countryside. It’s peaceful, quiet and near Milan. It would be great for the family.” Beckham is currently playing for the Milan team so it would be a convenient local for the family. The Beckham family has stayed at the estate as guests of Clooney last year and apparently it made quite an impression.

George Clooney originally bought the thirty room Villa L’Oleandra back in 2002 for about $15 million dollars, so he’d be making a nice profit on the property. The lakeside home features a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and beautiful gardens. George has reportedly has grown weary of being hounded by the paparazzi and the locals. He’d thinking instead of buying an island for added privacy.

The mayor of the town said:  “It would be a shame if George went because he has become one of the locals and we have grown fond of him. Everyone has seen him when he comes over and he is always friendly.” He added, “I know the Beckhams stayed at the villa last spring but I never saw them – if George does leave then I hope the Beckhams do but the place as it will keep a touch of glamour in Laglio.”

I think Victoria Beckman has that whole ‘glamour’ thing covered.


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