Will The Duggars Have Another Baby?

Just looking at this stresses me out
Just looking at this stresses me out

We were all very worried and then relieved when we heard that Michelle Duggar went into labor and gave birth 3 months prematurely.

Now, there is a little controversy being stirred up, because Michelle has said that she does in fact still want to have more kids.

She says that she’s not going to get pregnant right at this moment, but it’s still a possibility.


“When I say we would love more children, we open ourselves up for attack. It is not as if we’re going for another [baby] immediately. This is going to be a year of different focus for me, getting Josie through her first year of life.”

I have a couple of issues with this happening. First of all she’s 43. I know women are having babies later in life now, but she has 19. Does she really need anymore? What is missing from her life that she has to fill it up with children. More and more children.

Second, she says her focus has changed this year and that she will be concentrating on getting Josie through her first year of life. What was her focus before? Her kids do the work around the house and she homeschools. Where is the quality one-on-one time that each child needs?

I know they are a loving family, but when is enough, enough?

I understand why they have so many kids, but now with 19 they may want to take a little time and at least review what the rhythm method is.

If you could have as many kids as you wanted and were able to live debt free, how many would you have?


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