Will The Enchanted Sequel Be a Family Affair?


enchanted-poster-disneyThis week Disney announced that they have started to work on a follow up to their hit film Enchanted. Yes, children (and adults) will no-doubt be thrilled to see a sequel to charming 2007 feature. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the big question is…will the whole cast be coming back? If so, it’ll be quite the family affair!

Amy Adams won’t be able to film for a while since she is currently pregnant with her first child, but when they do shoot, she’ll probably bring her newborn to the set. Idina Menzel has a five-month-old baby Walker Nathaniel Diggs, (born September 2, 2009) and James Marsden has two kids (Jack Holden (born February 1, 2001) and a daughter, Mary James (born August 10, 2005).

No doubt they will all sign on to the new film. The first one grossed more than $340 million at the box office! And these stars have mouths to feed!

Are you looking forward to Enchanted part two?


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