Will There Be a Jersey Shore Season 4? Cast Wants More Money!

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Jersey Shore Season 4?

With the season 3 finale of MTV’s Jersey Shore come and gone, fans are already looking forward to Jersey Shore Season 4.

The question is… will there be a Season 4?

We don’t know much about Jersey Shore Season 4 other than it’s shooting in Italy starting next month.

But according to TMZ, several cast members are refusing to renew their contracts until they get more money!

TMZ also was told it’s because this upcoming season could be their last.

Sources said that the guidos and guidettes realize the show might be coming to an end and want to get as much money out of the last season as they can.

So far, only Ronnie has signed the contract and I’m sure the rest will too, but for how much?

Are Vinny, Snooki, Pauly, Mike, Ronnie, Sammi, JWoWW, and Deena be worth it?

If all goes well, Jersey Shore 4 will premiere later in 2011.