Will Tim Burton Take On Sleeping Beauty?


People Bohnam Carter BurtonTim Burton‘s take on Alice in Wonderland will be hitting the theaters March 5th. And it’s a family affair, he cast his partner and mother of his children Helena Bonham Carter in the role of the Red Queen.

Since he seems to have his own family and family flicks on the mind, it makes sense that he’d revisit yet another Disney classic. This time it’s rumored that he’ll take on Sleeping Beauty. But not just your standard Aurora based tale, no this one would focus on the evil Maleficent! maleficent
It’s said that the film’s style would be “quasi live actiony kinda way.” But the big question…will he cast Helena as Maleficent? And what will he cast Johnny Depp as? Since he’s his go-to muse!
Would you or your kids want to see a film based on Maleficent?