Will Wyclef Jean Become President of Haiti? What Will His Daughter Think?


Long before the disastrous earthquake struck Port-au-Print, singer Wyclef Jean has been one of the most vocal–and influential–advocates and supporters of Haiti. The Haitian-born star is very true to his roots, and is always looking for ways to gain more support for his home country. He even started a foundation, Yele Haiti, to benefit Haiti.

So it’s not totally surprising that the French-Canadian publication Le Droit announced that Jean may be running for president of Haiti in the near future. The singer did speak to CNN about the possibility, but he didn’t give anything definite away. “I can’t sing forever,” he said.

A popular alum of the ’90s hip-hop group, The Fugees, is clearly respected by Haiti’s current government and its people, and seems extremely committed to the country, so it wouldn’t be too shocking if he does end up running for president. Yele Haiti recently released a statement saying, “Wyclef’s commitment to his homeland and its youth is boundless, and he will remain its greatest supporter regardless of whether he is part of the government moving forward.”

We wonder how Jean’s daughter, Angelina (with wife Marie Claudinette) would feel about her dad running for president of this struggling country. It could definitely mean a rather dramatic lifestyle change for the entire family–but seemingly for good reason.

Do you think Jean running for president of Haiti would be good for his daughter and family?


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