"William & Kate: Royal Baby Watch" Special: Experts Weigh In On When Kate Middleton Will Get Pregnant (Video)

Prince William and Kate Middleton pregnant baby William & Kate Royal Baby Watch video
"William & Kate Royal Baby Watch" - Kate Middleton pregnant soon?

The question of “When will Kate Middleton get pregnant” is enough reason for TLC to air a special called “William & Kate: Royal Baby Watch.”

Fans of Prince William and Kate Middleton can tune in to find out if there are any answers to the Kate Middleton pregnancy question, as the special explores life after their royal wedding and looks to their future.

The honeymoon is over, for sure, but how soon will it be before Kate Middleton gets pregnant? William and Kate have said in the past that they will take their time, but it doesn’t stop royal fans from speculating and studying Kate’s outfits for a glimpse of a baby bump!

Most of the experts in the special note that William and Kate will likely wait awhile before having a baby.

So, why all the interest in when Kate will announce she’s pregnant? Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s butler, explains, “To be honest, her job is to have a baby, and the clamoring won’t stop until she produces an heir.”

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, commented that “Kate and William have been married for over a month and the biological clock is ticking.”


As for royal biographer Andrew Morton, he believes Kate Middleton will be pregnant within nine months.

Place your bets… when will Kate Middleton have baby news?

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