William Shatner: Still Going Strong at 80!

william shatner birthday
Happy 80th birthday, William Shatner!

William Shatner turns 80 today! 80? Really?

William Shatner is still going strong!  Probably best known as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, he is proving that life doesn’t slow down at 80.

I fell in love with William Shatner when he played Denny Crane on Boston Legal. DENNY CRANE! Only a big personality could pull off that role.

.His first role was back in 1951 in The Butler’s Night Off. In 1954, he was on Howdy Doody. 

It’s been a lifetime of work for William Shatner and yet, we still can watch him on Bleep My Dad Says on Thursday nights!

Happy Birthday, William Shatner! Here’s to many more!

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