Willie Nelson and Janet Jackson Chopped Off Their Hair — Why I Never Will


When I had my baby, I had numerous friends and family members ask if I was going to cut my hair. I had no idea what my follicle length had to do with parenting, but a few were concerned that my hair was too long for motherhood. I never gave in and got a ‘mom do’. My long tresses are part of who I am, my look, my style. I would never cut my hair because some one else thinks I should. And that was what I had in common with Willie Nelson. He once told Stuff:

“There have been a couple of times I’ve run into people who have requested that I cut my hair, but I’m not going to do it,” he said. “Not for a movie or anything. You know, I might decided I don’t like it one day and cut if all off, but I wouldn’t do it just because that’s what somebody wanted me to do.”

And that day came. The red headed stranger, who had been sporting super long hair for about three decades, finally broke down and cut off his signature braids. His spokeswoman said that with long hair “there’s a lot of maintenance,” and it looks like he just got tired of dealing with it.

And he not the only one who’s making news with a new haircut. Janet Jackson cut off her long luscious locks and is going for a much sassier shorter do. With oodles of sites requesting that readers weigh in on what they think of her new look.

These two performers boldly chopped off their hair. Making a statement and a transformation. But that’s something you have to be ready for. Me, I’m a creature of habit and not fond of change so my long locks are staying for while. I’ll never say never, but for now I’ll be keeping them.

Have you ever done a drastic hair change?

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