Willow Smith Is Wanted By The Fashion Police! (Photos)


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Willow Smith is committing a fashion crime!

Willow Smith is definitely attempting to make a splash in the music industry, but it’s not her music that has people turning their heads – it’s her outrageous fashion sense!

Smith wore a rather unique outfit as she left her New York City hotel for the day on Monday (Dec. 5). I understand she may be attempting to go the “crazy” route with her ensemble, a la Lady Gaga, but it’s just not working for this tween.

Willow is currently promoting her upcoming single “Fireball”, featuring Nicki Minaj.

Take a look at more photos of Willow below!

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    Willow Smith
    Willow Smith is donning an outrageous outfit.
  • Willow Smith 2 of 6
    Willow Smith
    She looks to be trying very hard at being like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.
  • Willow Smith 3 of 6
    Willow Smith
    What do you think of these boots?
  • Willow Smith 4 of 6
    Willow Smith
    It looks like Willow grabbed whatever she could find out of her mom's closet.
  • Willow Smith 5 of 6
    Willow Smith
    And she doesn't look happy to be wearing this ensemble.
  • Willow Smith 6 of 6
    Willow Smith
    Better luck next time, Willow!

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