Willow Smith's Tweets Hint At A Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Split!

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Willow Smith sends out sad tweets.

The Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith split rumors may have been put to rest months ago, but now daughter Willow Smith’s tweets seem to spell out a resurgence in those rumors!

Could the 11-year-old music star be tweeting about the split of her parents or just a regular bad day? “Sometimes… Life sucks,” Willow tweets. “This day has been horrific… #wishlifewaseasy.”

“I am regular person…. For forget that… Nobody has a PICTURE PERFECT life… I am still just a child…” she continues.

And due to all the press attention these tweets are getting, Smith quickly corrected her “mistake.” She concluded with a tweet saying, “Omg, stop it already! I’m not allowed to have a bad day? This has nothing to do with my parents! Geez!”

What do you believe?

[Photo via Twitter.]

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