Wine, Popcorn, and Reruns: These Days Its More Everybody Loves Raymond Than Sex And The City


Rarely, and I mean rarely, do I ever have a moment for myself to actually sit down on the couch or lie in bed and watch an episode or two of a show that I want to watch without being pretty much bullied by my children to change the channel. During waking hours, it’s almost impossible to take a breather and watch The Talk or The Wendy Williams Show without my two children crying that they’d rather watch Curious George on PBS or something on the Disney Channel instead. So rather than make a big fuss over what to watch, I end up turning off the television. You can’t always win!

The only moment I do have to enjoy a little tube time is when my two children are sound asleep at night. The only problem with that though, is that I usually take advantage of the quietness in the house to either blog or do a little cleaning instead of actually relaxing. As any mother will tell you, you can always find yourself busy with a running to-do list that never seems to end, so I’ve recently made the effort to cut back a little on my mom chores (because the kitchen cabinets will never be fingerprint-free anyhow) and give myself a well-deserved break. I mean, I can always turn on the dryer again so I don’t have to pull the clothes out of the laundry right this second, no?

I’ll be honest here I’m not a traditional television watcher. I don’t watch Modern Family and I have no clue who the kids on Gossip Girl are. I end up spending more of my “free” time (whatever that is), browsing the internet or organizing my walk-in closets because I just find myself needing to always do something productive. But if my husband is still at work and I’m doing something like folding the laundry or blogging with my laptop in bed, I’ll turn on the TV just to have a little background noise and end up watching old reruns of my favorite shows that I used to watch before I had kids.

If you were a ’90s teen, you more than likely watched every single episode of Friends three times over, the same way I have, with the same being for Sex and the City, too. Sure, we know in the end that Ross and Mr. Big both get their girls, but it’s just something about late ’90s television that makes you want to relive those moments a dozen times, over, right? Plus, Carrie Bradshaw and Rachel Green’s fashions never get old. Even though I can’t relate to the girls now as much as I did before I was single, it’s still a fun escape to have once in every while.

Another class ’90s show I love to tune into is Everybody Loves Raymond. I didn’t start appreciating the show until I had a family of my own, and boy can I relate (and I’m sure a lot of you out there probably say the same, too!). Sometimes my husband and I will just lay in bed and laugh hard at a joke that we’ve probably heard a few times already but end up spitting our popcorn and wine anyway. It’s always a good feeling knowing that your in-laws don’t live right across the street!

And then of course, there are the times that I’ll watch a mini-marathon of one of my favorite shows and end up staying up way too late just to be woken up way too early by the kiddos. Man, if there were a 25th hour, I would so buy it.

Tell us Babble readers, what programs do you usually like to watch when the lights go out for your kids?

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