Danica McKellar Pregnant & Posing In Maxim


Earlier in the week we saw a gorgeous shot of a very naked and very pregnant Claudia Schiffer on the cover of German Vogue. The shock level was about a sub-zero. The bare bellied pic has been done before on women’s magazine’s numerous times. What hasn’t been done and therefore carries surprise value: A pregnant star in the folds of a men’s magazine! 

Danica McKellar, who won our hearts and Kevin Arnold’s in The Wonder Years, is all grown up and looking super sexy in Maxim Magazine. And…she’s pregnant! 

She’s currently four months along and magazine lead time is about 4 months, so she’s probably been knocked up for only a few days when the photos were shot. But STILL, it’s good for the readers of the dude-and-bro style glossy to know pregnancy can be sexy. Barrier broken. 

Click through to see another pic and find out some details on how pregnancy is treating Danica.

It’s too early for her to have found out the sex of the baby, but she will. “I need to know what I’m having.  At first I thought it won’t be a surprise, but meeting your child for the first time is a surprise,” she tells

As for cravings, she says, ” I’ve been eating a lot of plain yogurt. And I just discovered Bulgarian yogurt, which is more sour, and I really like it.”

Since her days as Winnie Cooper, Danica went on to study math and has come out with several books on the subject. The latest Hot X: Algebra Exposed!, is coming out in August. She’s also been doing voice over work and has a project coming up with Warner Brothers and The Cartoon Network.  She’s still friends with Fred Savage.


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