Winning! 5 Craziest Things Charlie Sheen Said on Sheen's Corner Episode 3!


Sheens Korner

Yes, you are very welcome. Why?  Because I watched the ten minutes or so of Charlie Sheen’s newest installment of Sheen’s Corner so you wouldn’t have to.

Episode 3 is called Torpedoes of Truth Part 2, and it is just of Charlie Sheen on the phone with Bob, a member of the Sheen Team and apparently a big player in the Sheen “movement.” Charlie looked gaunt, seemed frantic, manic and just can’t stop mugging for the camera. Plus he really needs to cut down on his catch phrases, “winning” and “duh” both have had their 15 minutes expire.

But here are some fresher nuggets, the five craziest things Charlie Sheen said on Sheen’s Corner Episode 3.

“Phones were built by trolls.”

On live UpStreming, saying that people need to “listen to my gold as it is coming out.”

“Winner winner chicken dinner winner winner Sheen Dinner.”

“We love trees, we need to keep as many around as we can. Maybe even marry a tree, marry a tree, because the other kind of marriage for me didn’t work.”

“It’s a Sheen dog, it’s soul is inhabited by the ghost of Betty and it will eat trolls with it’s razor fangs. And drop their spleens off at their children’s tiny houses.”

If you want more…you can see the whole video right here.