Winter Classic: Watch Tonight's First-ever Primetime NHL Winter Classic Game


A warm day in Pittsburgh on New Year’s Day? Who could have predicted this? As a former ‘burgh girl, I have a hard time believing it.

But, the unseasonably warm day has caused a change in the schedule for this year’s NHL Winter Classic game. Originally, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals were supposed to play at 1pm ET at Heinz Field, which is the Pittsburgh Steelers’ stadium.  Work has been done for the past week to create the outdoor rink for the game. 

But, with the warm weather and possible rain, the decision was made to move the game from a 1pm start time to an 8pm ET start time, so that there wouldn’t be 65,000 fans waiting  for the game to start, miserable in the rain in the outdoor stadium.

With the change in time, this marks the first time that the game will be played in prime time.  You can watch the game on NBC or listen live on Penguins Radio.


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