Wizard of Oz on SNL: Anne Hathaway Goes Down the Yellow Brick Road (Video)


anne hathaway snlAnne Hathaway can sing!  On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Anne Hathaway channeled Judy Garland in a skit about the fifth character that was cut out of The Wizard of Oz.    The most amazing thing about the entire skit was that Anne Hathaway has some major chops when it comes to singing!    The girl has some major skills. 

See Anne Hathaway in SNL’s Wizard of Oz….

 In the skit, Anne appears with the faux cast of The Wizard of Oz in out takes of the never before seen fifth character from the children’s movie – the weather vane.  The Weather Vane is basically a grouchy New York in search of a new apartment going along for the ride.  It’s the moment when Anne stars to sing Over the Rainbow when you catch a glimpse of her singing skills. 

What do you think of Anne Hathaway’s take on The Wizard of Oz?


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