Woman Falls In Fountain While Texting: Cathy Cruz Marrero A Criminal?

woman falls in fountain while texting cathy cruz marrero
Woman Falls in Fountain While Texting

By now, you’ve surely seen the “Woman Falls in Fountain While Texting” video. The woman who falls into the fountain on the video is named Cathy Cruz Marrero, and she is an employee at the Berkshire Mall in Pennsylvania.

Cathy Cruz Marrero has gained new found fame simply because she did something that most of us do every single day. She walked and sent text messages at the same time, but unlike most people, Cathy wound up falling into a fountain. It’s really hard to write that line without laughing.

Cathy Cruz Marrero is now threatening to sue the Berkshire Mall, no doubt in an effort to make a buck off her 15 minutes of fame. Other than being the “Fountain Lady”, is Cathy Cruz Marrero a criminal?

Supposedly Cathy owes a co-worker over $4,000 in charges that she made to his/her credit card. Will she make enough from the YouTube video to pay this person back? She also has several other theft records, and a hit-and-run charge on her resume.

Is Cathy Cruz Marrero really a criminal, or just a really sloppy texter?