Woman Falls in Foutain: Watch Out, Celebs! (VIDEO)

woman falls in fountain
Celeb Mom Claudia Schiffer

Have you seen the hilarious video of the woman who is texting in a mall and falls right into the fountain? Well, most think it’s hilarious anyway.

The security cameras got it on tape- even from different angles. If you haven’t watched it, you’ll have a chance to watch it here.

But, this poor woman is just one of us. Could you imagine if it happened to a celebrity?

How many times have you seen pics of celebs walking down the street, chatting away on their cell phones or texting?  There might not be a fountain nearby for them to fall into, but they could just as easily walk into a telphone pole or a parked car.

While the woman falls in fountain video is something everyone is talking about now, it will die down eventually. But, celebs, take note: you do something similiar and you will forever be known as the one who did that and the video will haunt you forever.

Enough to make some celebs stop trying to text and walk?

Photo: PRPhotos

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