Woman Gives Birth To Miraculously Fat Baby, 19 Pounds!


baby-born-weighing-19-poundsSure, Nadya Suleman carried 8 babies at once, but all of their birth weights combined came out to 18 lbs. Well this week, a woman in Jakarta has got her beat. The woman, Ani — soon to be a celebrity on the Indonesian talk show circuit — gave birth to a single baby boy, weighing in at over 19 pounds! Ouch.

Ani’s super baby measures 24.4″ long, weighs as much as a toddler, and was a handful to deliver, even by caeserean section. Here’s what the doctor had to say:

“This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his mum’s womb. His legs were so big…

He’s got a strong appetite, every minute, it’s almost nonstop feeding.”

Whoa, I hadn’t even considered the kind of appetite a nearly 20 lbs would have. I wonder if Ani will breastfeed. If so, I hope she’s got a Dolly Parton sized rack.

Apparently, doctors believe that Ani’s baby grew so large as a result of his mother’s diabetes. Thus, the abnormal baby got an abnormally high glucose intake, which made him grow so huge.

I’m pitching it now, there needs to be a reality show that focuses on only the most unlikely and freakish of births. It could be called One in a Million Moms. Sure, Dodeca-Mom turned out to be a fake, but that just adds to the circus-like atmosphere that surrounds these one-in-a-million moms like Nadya Suleman, Kate Gosselin, or the Menage A Mom.


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