Woman Suing Tiger Woods for Paternity Used Cocaine While Pregnant


Devon James, a former adult film actress and prostitute who claims Woods fathered her child and slapped him with a paternity suit yesterday, makes Rachel Uchitel look like a real class act.  In an interview with police following an alleged assault by her boyfriend, James admitted to using cocaine while pregnant and undergoing six abortions. Her own mother says the son, Austin, who was born in early 2001, is not Tiger’s Woods’ child and that her daughter is lying.

James claims her affair with Tiger lasted several years and he at times paid her for her services.

Which makes you really wonder: What the heck is wrong with Tiger Woods’ taste in women, besides his lovely and classy wife Elin?

And second, if you’re a “working girl,” who gave birth to Tiger Woods’ baby, something tells me the paternity suit is filed THE NEXT DAY, not nine years later.

Go here to see photos of Devon James.


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