Workout Wardrobes of the Rich-and-Famous Moms


Gwyneth Paltrow in workout clothes? You bet! If sweatpants are an everyday uniform for us everyday mothers, they’re even more essential for celebrity moms. Keeping in shape is part of the job for them. Luckily they’ve all got access to top-notch personal trainers, high-end gyms, and truly stylish workout clothes. Scroll down to see a handful of mom-celebs spotted on the street in recent days, dressed (to the nines) to sweat…

Kelly Ripa went for a celebrity standard—the deep, dark sleek look—on her way out of the gym in New York.

Jessica Seinfeld, cookbook author and wife of Jerry,  strolled the streets of NYC in a tie-dye tee and a fleece.

And Cynthia Nixon dressed in no-nonsense all black (and looked awesomely fit!) during her own Gotham-City workout.

This should all make me feel pretty bad about my torn navy-and-mud-colored workout wardrobe, but instead, these fit-mama photos are encouraging me to get up from the couch and off to my own gym. Almost.

Photos: INF Photo