World Cup Host Annoucement

US World Cup Hosts?
Is the US a World Cup host?

The long-awaited announcement about who will host the World Cup in 2018 and 2022 is finally here.

Countries lobbied for the honor, sending in their celebrities and reassuring the committee that their countries would make the Fifa World Cup be an event to remember.

The US was feeling confident in their bid to host the 2022 World Cup finals. Were they right? Will the games be in the US?

The 2018 host announcement came first, of course. England was the favorite. But, it seems that they got knocked out due to rumors of corruption. Or so the gossips say, anyway.

So, the host of the World Cup 2018, as decided by the committee is…. Russia.

The winner to host the 2022 games is Qatar! What an upset for the US!!!! Quata is the tiniest nation to ever submit a bid, so this is definitely a surprise.

What do you think about the World Cup hosts?

Source: ESPN
Photo: PRPhotos