Worst Super Bowl Commercials 2011


super bowl 2011 commercialsWe expect a lot from our Super Bowl commercials.

Some delivered and some did not!

It all depends on your point of view, but in my opinion, here are the flops of the night:

*The “Cram it in the boot” Mini commercial. Not something I want to hear. Did you think it was inappropriate?

*The Chevy commercial with all the elderly people repeating everything because they can’t hear. More annoying than informative.

*Whatever the commercial was with the animated Eminem in it. I couldn’t even tell what on earth they were trying to sell, but I’m not buying it.

*The Motorola Xoom commercial, with everyone in the odd white uniforms, except for the one guy.  Meant to be clever and quirky, but that doesn’t work if people don’t get it.l

*Best Buy’s Ozzie and Justin Bieber commercial. I know there are tons of Bieber fans out there, but just simply putting big names in a commercial isn’t enough. I’m not a fan.

What did you think were the worst Super Bowl Commercials 2011?

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