Would Attorney Dorothy Clay Sims Allow Casey Anthony To Babysit Her Kids?

No babysitting jobs for Casey in her future

Right after a Pinellas-County jury shocked the country by finding Florida mom Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey’s attorney team was snapped celebrating their favorable verdict across the street from the Orlando courthouse in which they deliberated for weeks.

Now, one of the attorneys on Casey’s defense team, Dorothy Clay Sims is at a loss for words when it comes to defending the 25-year-old when asked if she would allow Casey to babysit her own kids.

Dorothy was recently grilled by Joy Behar on her late night talk show, and after being pressed to answer some tough questions, the attorney failed to defend her client when Joy asked her if she would allow Casey to babysit her own kids.

Dorothy didn’t sound too convincing when she said, “I came to trust her and that’s a really….” before pausing.

“I felt the Casey Anthony I knew… I felt very comfortable with her,” she added uncomfortably.

It doesn’t sound like Dorothy answered the question directly, but her lack of a yes or no tells us exactly what she’s not saying.

Needless to say, we don’t think anyone else would allow Casey to babysit his or her kids, too.