Would Dexter - If He Really Existed - Go After Casey Anthony? (Video)

Would Dexter Go After Casey Anthony?

The fictional character Dexter Morgan may be a serial killer, but he’s a serial killer with a social conscience. Dexter goes after those who have murdered and gotten away with it in his own vigilante style. A perfect next victim for Dexter – if he really existed that is?  Casey Anthony.

Anthony, as many believe, got away with murder – perfect prey for Dexter. Dexter also conveniently lives in Florida in nearby Miami, which is just a three and a half hour drive from Orlando, where Casey Anthony resides.  Yup, it’s a match made in heaven…and YouTube.

Check out this fan made video called Dexter Morgan Meets Casey Anthony right here.


Via: Jezebel
Image: Showtime

Dexter would be scratching his head at the June 2011 Parenting News and Scandals!

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