Would Josh Duhamel Ignore His Children?

Josh Duhamel Fergie
Josh Duhamel wants kids

Josh Duhamel has said that he is ready to have babies with his wife, Fergie.  He used to want a big family: 5 or 6 kids.

But, not so much any more. He told Ellen today that he still wants kids, but not as many.  It’s just not realistic. Too many kids and he might ignore some. What?!?

“Plus, I’m probably a little more selfish than I thought I was. So I think two is good. I think two is a good number. You can give them the right amount of attention but whatever. We’re both from Catholic families we like to procreate. …I would pick out my two favorites and ignore the others.”

Oh, Josh, we know you are just teasing!

Can’t you just see Josh and Fergie surrounded by a whole pack of children?

Photo: PCN