Would Rielle Hunter Go to Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral?


This weekend there will be public service for Elizabeth Edwards who lost her battle with cancer. Anyone who wants to can come and pay respects to Elizabeth Edwards on Saturday at the Edenton Street United Methodist Church. Family, friends, acquaintances and admirers will all be attendance. But some are wondering if a certain someone would dare show up. Would Rielle Hunter come to pay respects to a woman who she hurt so deeply?

No doubt Rielle Hunter is filled with some regret for having an affair with Elizabeth Edwards husband. But would she try to make amends by going to the funeral. She is, for better or worse, part of the family since she gave birth to a half sister to Elizabeth Edwards children. Perhaps she’ll just want Quinn to go, the daughter she had with John Edwards.

If she did go to the funeral, there would be a media firestorm. That would be front page news. So if even she wanted to…it would be best to stay home. Also just out of respect to Elizabeth Edwards and her kids, she should stay away. The attention would quickly go from Elizabeth Edwards and her memory to John Edwards mistress, and really, this day should be all about Elizabeth.

Do you think she would go or want to go?