Would You Buy A Michaele Salahi Action Figure?


Real Housewife of DC Michaele Salahi is not one to be content with the standard publicity garnering techniques (possible eating disorder, cat fights with cast members, frivolous ongoing legal battles, crashing official government events, etc). She’s upping the ante with her latest promotional move. She’s gone all plastic with an action figure!

Her mini-me is decked out in her infamous White House State Dinner sari and shawl and is made by HeroBuilders, a company that also sells small versions of Sarah Palin, Jersey Shore and Jon and Kate Gosselin.

While the deceptively named HeroBuilders came up with all of their ideas for action figures and who would be portrayed, Michaele reached out to them. “We got a call from her agent,” owner Emil Vicale explained.

Michaele clearly wants to be Barbie, so this is no surprise. “We’ve been contacted by tons of people in the past but have just never done it because people have a weird sense of the value of themselves. They think they’re going to sell a million dolls. That never ever happens,” he added.

Who knows though. Would you buy a Michaele doll?