Would You Invite The Jersey Shore Crew To Your Kid's Bday Party?


jersey_shoreSo, you’re working on the guest list for you beloved child’s birthday party. You invite your kid’s classmates, the neighbors, relatives and of course the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. Oh wait, you wouldn’t invite them…but you know who would? Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The New York Post is reporting that the notorious Jersey Shore crew has been invited to P. Diddy’s son Justin’s sixteenth birthday blowout. They really don’t seem like the appropriate type of influence to have on a bunch of young impressionable teens. Would you want them hanging out with your kids?

But this really does smell like an opportunity on MTV’s part to do a “cross over event.” Justin’s party is being filmed for the network’s Sweet Sixteen show and since Jersey Shore is MTV’s hottest property right now, they of course would love to promote it here, there and everywhere. I wonder if the Jersey Shore peeps are available for baby showers?


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