Would You Let Johah Hill Babysit Your Kids? Call Him to Get More Info Here!

Jonah Hill Baby Sitter

Would you let Jonah Hill babysit your kids? Well, maybe not the real person, the actor Jonah Hill, but rather his character in the upcoming release The Sitter.

In the film (which opens this December) Jonah Hill played Noah a college student who is kicked out of school and falls into a babysitting job that he is “woefully unprepared” for.

As part of the promotion for the release, these posters (pictured at left) have been popping up with a number to call to find out more about his babysitting services.

What does it say and what’s the number (so you can hear it yourself?)

He is brutally honest in his pitch saying  – “I will smoke up in your house. I shoplift when I have too much to drink. I don’t play game unless you have a safe word you know what I mean ladies. I will not clean up after myself,  I will not report on the whereabouts of your children.   I will not say no in the face of danger. I charge $18 an hour.” You can hear the message at 917- 409-7838.


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