Would You Let Kate Gosselin Deliver Your Baby?

kate gosselin
Kate Gosselin may become a nurse again.

If you are by any chance a pregnant woman living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, then you may want to prepare yourself for the shock of the century when you go to the hospital to deliver your baby.

Life and Style magazine is reporting that since her reality show has officially been cancelled, Kate Gosselin is preparing to return to her former career of being a Labor & Delivery nurse.

Honestly, would you let Kate Gosselin help deliver your baby? Would you even want her to?

For some reason, I feel like Kate would actually be pretty good as a delivery room nurse. She seems to be somewhat organized trying to keep up with her eight kids, so I think she’d have the whole birthing routine down pat. She’s also very outspoken, so she’d probably be pretty good at coaching moms through their contractions, etc.

Apparently Kate is reconsidering her nursing career because she is getting worried about how she will continue to pay for the lifestyle that she’s been accustomed to since becoming a major reality TV star. I can’t say that I blame her. Once you’ve had a taste of the good life, it’s hard to go back!

What are your thoughts on Kate as a Labor & Delivery nurse?



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