Would You Want Lady Gaga as Your Child's Godmother? Elton John Does!

lady gaga
Will Lady Gaga be a good Godmother To Elton John's Son?

When thinking about choosing a godmother for your child, I’m sure you thought long and hard about who would be the best influence on his/her life. Elton John and David Furnish have made their decision, and they went with none other than Lady Gaga for their son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John!

Elton confirmed the highly speculated news to Barbara Walters and said, “Yes, yes she is. When you get to the real person under there, there’s a real simple person under there who loves her parents.”

Would you want Lady Gaga as your child’s godmother? I think most people would say no, but Elton and David must have had their reasons.

Of Gaga, David Furnish said, “Zachary’s going to inherit an incredible musical legacy from his father one day, and she will be a good person to guide him through the ins and outs of the music business, ’cause she sure knows everything about the business now.”

In some cases, a child’s godparent also serves as his/her guardian in the event that something happens to the parents. Would Lady Gaga be the right person to take care of Zachary in place of Elton and David?

What do you think about Gaga the Godmother?

Photo: PRPhotos