Would You Want Will Ferrell On Your Jury?


Is Will Ferrell planning a follow-up to Pauly Shore’s awful mid-90’s comedy Jury Duty? Or was the hilarious superstar just taking time out of his busy schedule to fulfill his civic duty?

Apparently, Will was dismissed from the jury pool on Tuesday, probably because he’d be a major distraction in the courtroom, but also maybe because his time’s too important to waste on determined the fate of commoners (Will’s a pretty busy guy with his celebrity sunscreen line and all).

Watching TMZ‘s video footage of will leaving the LA courthouse, I was suddenly struck by the question: if I were on trial, would I want Will Ferrell on the jury?

At first, I was thinking “hell no” but then I thought about the fact that Will has two sons (Magnus,  5, and Mattias, 2 and 1/2) and a wife who’s stuck around for over a decade — and that he’s probably got a serious side.

It’s funny how, knowing just that much, I feel like I can trust Ferrell to take a trial more seriously and not constantly mock me for whatever stupid offense I may or may not have committed.