Wow! Kim Zolciak Tweets Amazing Post Twins Body Pic! (Photo)


Bap5zehIUAAGenWWow. Just wow. Kim Zolicak, the blonde bombshell from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, tweeted out the photo to the left of her post-baby bod after having twins — yes, twins.

Her daughter tweeted, “how is my mom a size 4… it’s been 9 days since she gave birth to twins.” Kim replied, saying, “from chasing after you.” That’s it? Wow, that’s pretty amazing. But after having four other children, it appears her body just knows what to do.

At least she didn’t post a photo like the Norwegian lifestyle blogger, who showed off her perfect flat tummy just four days after birth just last week.

I don’t know about you, but I looked nothing like either of these women after giving birth to just one baby. I looked like I was still pregnant for days, weeks, even months. But hey, if you look and feel great, you might as well share it with the world, right?

Photo Source: Twitter/KimZolciak