Wow! Simon Le Bon & Yasmin Le Bon Must Have Drank From The Fountain of Youth (Photos)

Simon Le Bon - Still Looking Dapper

Duran Duran front man Simon Le Bon first became a pop star almost thirty years ago, yes, thirty years ago. But he still has that rock star swagger and still pulls off that stylish look he’s always been known for.  Simon is now 53 but still looks fab. And talk about looking fab, his wife of 26 years, Yasmin Le Bon – at the age of 47 – really looks amazing!

The couple have three stunning daughter (the eldest has followed in her mom’s footsteps by becoming a model as well), and are still happily married. So nice to see in the rock and roll and modeling worlds. The couple were spotted at Stella McCartney’s Winter 2012 Collection dinner this week.

Check out photos of the two right here:

  • Simon Le Bon 1 of 5
    Simon Le Bon
    Simon Le Bon looked very dapper at the Stella McCartney's Winter 2012 collection dinner and show.
  • A Peak of Pink 2 of 5
    A Peak of Pink
    He had a hint of pink with his vibrant scarf.
  • Yasmin Le Bon 3 of 5
    Yasmin Le Bon
    Guess her age? 47! She looks amazing!
  • The Dress 4 of 5
    The Dress
    Yasmin looked amazing in her Stella McCartney dress.
  • Yasmin Really Looked Chic 5 of 5
    Yasmin Really Looked Chic
    She looked stunning, and the pair of them really are stunning.



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