Wreck-It Ralph: Get There Early for Paperman! An Ode to Love & New York City


New York City is on most of our minds these days. The city is still reeling from  wreckage that Hurricane Sandy left in her wake. That is what made the selection of the short Paperman, which is playing before Wreck-It Ralph, all the more poignant. The beautifully executed short format animated piece is an ode not just to love but New York City.

The short is a mix of hand drawn and CGI, a unique and powerful mash up that Disney producer Kristina Reed, director John Kahr and their team developed. And the story is short, sweet and very stylish. Producer Kristina Reed said of the project and Kahr’s concept:

“The idea for this film came about early on in his career. He was reverse commuting when he lived in New York City. He was working at Blue Sky which is out in the suburbs of New York. Everyday he’d be traveling through Grand Central Station as a single guy in his 20’s. There’d be throngs of people moving through the train stations. He would be thinking to himself, “Why am I not having a more happy life? I’m a single guy in New York City. I should be on top of the world. And yet I feel really rather lonely”. Every once in a while, he’d make a connection with somebody, eye contact in the station and think is that the girl of my dreams? And then she’d be gone. This short came about from those times.”

And when New York City needs as much love as it can get, this lovely short serves as a reminder of those little miracles that happen every day even in times of chaos. With families flocking to the movies to see Wreck-It Ralph, which opened with the biggest opening weekend for a animated film, this film will touch many a hearts. So if you are heading out to see Wreck-It Ralph, make sure to get their in time to see the short Paperman, your soul with thank you.