Wreck-It-Ralph: Yes, There ARE Hidden Mickeys! Check out This EXCLUSIVE Clip


WreckItRalph(3)One of our favorite things to do when we go to Disneyland is to search for all the “Hidden Mickeys” that are peppered across the park. But it’s not just the park where Mickey Mouse’s iconic shape pops up, he shows up in all sorts of different places like in the amazing Disney animated blockbuster Wreck-it Ralph.

The artists, while creating the movie, put in dozens and dozens of “Hidden Mickeys” throughout the film. There are so many in the movie that you could totally make a super fun family game out of attempting to find them all. And how do we know about this? By the awesomely cool Intermission Clip in the Wreck-It Ralph DVD (Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD available NOW!)

When you pause the disc, you’ll get a original content in the form of these only-for-DVD produced clips. We have a sneak peek of one of these clips – the before mentioned “Hidden Mickeys” one  – which will give you a couple of hints of where to find them in the film.

Check it out below, and no, we can’t tell you where the rest of the Hidden Mickeys are, you’ll need to pick up the DVD yourself and find them!

Wreck-it Ralph comes out on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on March 5th.


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