XBox Fall Update Gives Signal to Parents to Turn Off the Video Games

FacebookTwitterGoogle+TumblrPinterest the sounds of fall.  The crunching of leaves beneath our feet.  The sounds of kids laughing as the headed out trick-or-treating.  The crunch of football players on the field.  The yells of millions of kids coming home from school only to find out that they need to download a critical update from XBox in order to feed their daily video game addiction as the new XBox Live fall update gets rolled out by Microsoft today.   

 Maybe, just maybe that should be a signal to parents that its time to skip the update and keep their kids off the video games for a little while.

The new fall update for XBox Live was released earlier today and quickly caused the support website to crash momentarily as video game addicts across the country tried to update their consoles.   While some users experienced a seamless download, many others were prompted to turn to for help to no avail.  Once you tried to access the site, it was either down or extremely slow.  

As I sat waiting for the support site to respond, it occurred to me that it was time to turn off the video games and head outside with the kids.  We’ll have plenty of time for video games once the snow begins to fall!

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