Xoxo Gossip Girl Gets Steamy!

xoxo gossip girl
xoxo Gossip Girl!

Blair certainly got her share of xoxo from Chuck Bass on last night’s Gossip Girl. The show, which just happens to be one of my fave’s, proved last night that I hope that I really am the show’s core demographic and not the teenagers that I think it targets!

The majority of the show was full of typical Gossip Girl fare, with Serena looking stunning and pining over some ‘congressman/professor’ type Blair plotting to take over the world, one head band at a time, and the ‘boys’ being their typical boring yet not-so bad to look at types.

Cut to some fun stuff over Blair and Chuck signing a peace treaty, a fun birthday party for Blair and boring Dan trying to be all sneaky and ‘Upper East Side-like’. The episode sees Blair being embarrassed by some bad Karaoke at her birthday party and her and Chuck calling off their truce.

But then is when it gets really interesting. Then comes the point where I hope that I never get to where I’m watching a show like this with my daughter. It’s the angry-make out/I think he pulled her panties down scene that was all kinds of uncomfortable point. If you watched the show you’ll know what I’m talking about. Now I’m all for Chuck and Blair together, but that was just one ‘odd’ scene. It was just a little more sexual than I think it needed to be, and it kinda made me cringe. But, then again, maybe I’m just a little too old!

Did you watch, because if you did I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Photo by PCN