Yankees Fans Approve Of A Kate And A-Rod Wedding


kate-hudson-weddingAlthough the latest round of Kate Hudson wedding pics were taken for a magazine shoot, chances are that if A-Rod and Kate were to set the date, Yankees fans would be all but ecstatic. Apparently, fans have gone from viewing Kate Hudson as a distraction to a good luck charm, as the Yankees have secured their first trip to the ALCS since 2004.

Based almost entirely on the fact that the Yanks are winning ballgames while she and Ryder happen to be in the stands, Yankees fans are warming up to Kate. Does this mean Kate and A-Rod will take the next step in their relationship.

Scoff if you want, but for highly-paid athletes like A-Rod, having the approval of fans sure  makes life a lot easier (Cowboys fans pretty much dogged the Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo love affair). I doubt that A-Rod was waiting for this piece in the NY Daily News before he popped the question… but you never know.

In the early stages of their relationship, it was reported that Kate wanted a baby with A-Rod, no strings attached. Now, as things progress in their relationship — their kids play together, they move in together, Yankees fans fall in love with Kate — real wedding pics could be on the way.

If the Yankees win the World Series, fans will probably be pressuring A-Rod to propose.