Yellow: The Celebrity Mom-To-Be Maternity Color Of the Season

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson looking stunning in yellow at the "Something Borrowed" L.A. Premiere

I’m a huge fan of the color yellow – nothing says “happy” and “spring” or “summer” than the color yellow. It’s warm, friendly, and as an added bonus, makes you look tanner than you really are!

But the other thing about yellow is that it is bright and draws lots of attention – you have to be confident to pull it off, especially if you are pregnant.

Yellow seems to be the maternity color of the season – just check out these moms-to-be all wearing yellow and pulling it off beautifully!

Would you dare to wear yellow while pregnant? Why not when you can look as gorgeous and glowing as these pregnant stars!

Kate Hudson looked gorgeous in a pastel yellow at the “Something Borrowed” Los Angeles premiere. And while the color really worked for her, it couldn’t compare to the happiness and warmth that radiated from her smile!

JewelJewel wowed us all at the Grammys back in February.

Natalie PortmanWhile Natalie Portman yellow said I’m-so-confident-I-can-wear-a-mini-skirt-while pregnant!

The most recent sighting? Tori Spelling was spotted in a yellow maxi dress running errands in Los Angeles on May 17th.

So what do you think? Are you loving all the yellow of the season?

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