Yes, 3 David Beckham in His Underwear Statues Are Coming to the USA!

David Beckham

Hey ladies (and some gentleman), there will be a certain distraction at three H&M’s in our great land. At these few locations of the fashion powerhouse H&M there will be a beautifully executed odes to the one and only David Beckham in the form of large shiny statues.

Yes, the soccer great, handsome gent and dad of four will be honored in the states with copies of the original David statue that lives across the pond in merry olde England (no not the famous David that lives in Florence).

So in what towns will you be able to ogle these 11-foot metal statues of Becks in his undies? (Plus see the statue in questions here):

The lucky towns include: San Francisco, New York City and Los Angeles!


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