Yes, I'm Pregnant! Celebrity Covers Announcing Their News (or Their Rumor) from Snooki to Kim Kardashian

OMG! I'm Pregnant

How a celebrity tells the world that they are pregnant says a whole lot about them as people and the sanctity of their privacy.

Some celebrities opt to keep their pregnancy on the down-low (like Isla Fischer and her secret second pregnancy), some very much show off their baby bump but never pose for a cover (take Angelina Jolie), and others, they use this opportunity to make some cash off of their yet to be born baby. And then there are of course the magazine covers claiming that a star admitted that they were pregnant, but in reality it was just a fabrication, a magazine selling lie.

Check out this collection of pregnancy covers right here and see how many of them say, “Yes! I’m Pregnant!” What happened to originality?