Yes, Jessica Simpson is STILL Pregnant

Jessica Simpson is Still Pregnant

Yes, Jessica Simpson is indeed still pregnant. Being a professional celebrity baby blogger my job is to try to find out when, where and how the stars birth their babies. And the biggest question haunting those of us in this industry is, “has Jessica Simpson gone into labor yet?” And the answer – as of today – is a big fat no.

Jessica should be having her baby girl soon, very soon… but on Tuesday night and Wednesday the mom-to-be-any-moment-now was still tweeting. Yes, she could have an assistant doing her twittering, but her use of “y’all” and the generous amount of exclamation points seems very Jessica. What is she tweeting about? Not her baby bump but her TV show #Fashion Star like, “Wish everyone could see more of the mentoring we did on Fashion Star!!” and on Wednesday morning she tweeted back to songstress Jewel about how much she loved the book ‘Anchored In Love’ – a biography on about June Carter Cash written by her son John Carter Cash.

But I have a feeling these will be some of the last pre-baby tweets we’ll see for a while.

Image: Via Twitter

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